Solve the following system of equations. Express your answer as an orderedpair in the format (a,b), with no spaces between the numbers or symbols.2x+7v= -7- 4x - 30= - 19

Accepted Solution

Answer:I have two problems and I put both of the answers in (x,v) form.(-11/4,-3/14) for 2x+7v=-7 and -4x-30=-19OR(-343/32 ,  33/16) for 2x+7v=-7 and -4x-30v=-19Step-by-step explanation:I will solve the system as is ... but I'm not sure if you want your answer as (x,v) or (v,x)...Let's go!The second equation contains only one variable so I'm going to solve it first! I'm going to solve -4x-30=-19 for x.-4x-30=-19Add 30 on both sides-4x     =11Divide both sides by -4   x      =11/-4  or -11/4So the 1st equation 2x+7v=-7 we are going to use our x=-11/4 to solve for v.                               2(-11/4)+7v=-7                                -22/4 +7v=-7                                -11/2   +7v=-7                                            7v=-7+11/2                                            7v=-3/2                                              v=-3/14So (x,v) is (-11/4,-3/14).Now I will also pretend you meant: 2x+7v=-7-4x-30v=-19I will do this by elimination.Multiply the first equation by 2 and your x's will be opposites... And everyone knows when you add opposites you get 0 :). 4x+14v=-14    (I had multiply 2x+7v=-7 by 2 on both sides)-4x-30v=-19---------------------- I will now add the equations: 0-16v=-33    -16v=-33          v=33/16Now to find x... Use one of the equation, doesn't matter which.... Replace v with 33/16 and solve for x.So I'm going to use 2x+7v=-7  with v=33/16                                 2x+7(33/16)=-7                                 2x+231/16=-7                                 2x            =-7-231/16                                 2x            =-343/16                                  x              =-343/32So the solution in the form (x,v) is (-343/32 ,  33/16)